Friday, July 29, 2011

Mmm...Rabbit Food

So, I'm about to do something that most people are going to say is pretty insane...

I'm going to go vegan for at least 2 weeks, maybe even a month.

Okay, wait...
Before I get bombarded with messages of concern from everyone, first, let me explain a few things...
1.) NO, I have NOT joined a cult
2.) NO, I do NOT worship PETA (They really are only useful for veg recipes and cooking tips)
3.) NO, I will NOT criticize those of you who eat meat and dairy
4.) NO, this is NOT an act of "rebellion" and I am not trying to get back at you or anyone else
5.) NO, I am NOT anorexic NOR do I have an eating disorder of any kind

I'm still in the process of educating myself on veganism and have been reading a butt load of books on it so I can do it the healthy way. I went vegetarian for 2 years or so. I gained 7 pounds as a vegetarian and it was the best I had ever felt health-wise (as soon as I started eating meat again, my health went downhill and I lost weight immediately). I stopped due to the lack of money as I was working a minimum wage part-time job. Now that I have a full-time job that pays better than my last job and I'm actually more aware of what I'm doing and how to go about trying a vegetarian or vegan diet, this could become more of a long term thing that will work out much better.

I'm doing this mainly for health reasons because I'm lactose intolerant and my body revolts anytime the slightest amount of dairy is in me. As far as meat consumption goes, I usually only eat chicken. Beef is okay at times. I don't like fish (Trout is sometimes okay). I would rather die than eat pork (it has always been my least favorite of the meats). You get the idea. There really is no point in me eating meat when I don't even like it much. Meat also makes me feel really sluggish afterwards. When I was vegetarian, I was incredibly energetic. I prefer having energy after I eat.

My sister found out that she is gluten intolerant and she had to try the vegan thing too for awhile to see how her body reacted to certain foods when she added them back into her diet. I'm trying a similar thing with dairy to see how my body reacts without any in my system. If I see a drastic difference, I'll probably keep it up or at least stick with being vegetarian because I don't know how long I will last as a vegan.

If anyone has any suggestions or recipes, hook me up. :)


  1. Green leafy veggies! I'm on my last day of a 3 day veggie juice fast. Lots of Kale, Spinach, Chard, cucumbers, carrots, and a few apples, limes, and a touch of ginger.

    It has not been bad at all! My mental well being seems to be up and I feel more energy! I could go a full week easily. However, I am going to start eating a modified paleo diet. No processed or fast foods, lots of raw, juiced, or steamed veggie; limit meat to what I cook and prepare from identifiable cuts; As much fish as I can catch. Lots of bass and wall-eye, trout if I can cook it quickly after catching it (fresh high Uinta trout is one of my fondest food memories). I'd prefer to limit my purchased meats to more traditional types such as grass fed/free range/hormone free poultry/beef/pork etc... but that stuff is so pricey! And it is not always convenient.

    I also want to start eating more organic and locally grown foods. I had a slice of an organic Granny Smith Apple from Good Earth the other day and the flavor was intense! 10x better than a non-organic imported cold storage Granny smith apple that I had purchased elsewhere. Have you been to the Farmers Market in Provo? I went a few times last year but was not paying much attention to the vegetables.

    I miss milk already. I have a half gallon sitting in my fridge. I used to drink loads of milk, which has caused horrible acid reflux. I have a bottle of tums in my car, near my TV, on my desk at work, and on my nightstand. A friend of mine had me try some raw milk from the Real Foods store on 800 North in Orem. One of her favorite meals is raw milk and a green banana. Unfortunate for me I do not like green bananas and I was feeling sick that day and became violently ill. I cannot hold the milk responsible, but after that horrible experience I am not sure I will ever try raw milk again.

    If you are curious about juicing watch the Documentary 'Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead'

  2. Wow! Nice work on the juice fast, Darrin! I'm not sure if my high metabolism could handle a juice fast, but I totally would like to dry juicing stuff sometime. I agree that dark leafy greens are incredibly important. I've been looking up a million different recipes to pack in more protein and other nutrients.

    I watched Food Inc a few weeks back and it was quite the eye opener on the meat industry as well as the food industry in general. It reawakened my desire to eat better and include more organic foods in my diet. I was actually driving by the Farmer's Market in Provo the other day and said to myself that I needed to stop by one of these days. Have you ever shopped at the Sunflower Farmer's Market in Orem? They always have incredibly fresh fruits and vegetables. The prices have been dropping lately. I need to go and stock up on some more fruit

    My metabolism has been unusually fast lately. This may complicate things with trying the vegan thing. I may just switch back to vegetarianism for awhile and see how my body does and then cut more dairy as time goes on. These days I'm eating about 5 meals a day and it's only just barely enough. However, I know that lately I haven't been getting all the needed nutrients because everyone in my family is on a diet except for me. There is no food in my house. I need to go shopping tomorrow because I'm literally starving. Ramen Noodles can only do so much for me. Haha!

    I will check out that documentary. I saw the trailer for it. I'm very curious about it now.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. I love the variety at Sunflower!

    Here's a protein recipe for you...

    Chocolate protein (whey or soy) + natural peanut butter + strawberries + milk or kefir or yogurt or almond milk. Sweeten with stevia or other sweetener if needed. Play around with the amounts until you find the texture and thickness you want.